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Ukrainians Should Participate in Census 2016

Jan 1, 1970 | Featured, Newpathway, Canada

Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

The 2016 Canada Census is underway, with May 10, 2016 identified by Statistics Canada as the official census day (it is requested to fill in the questionnaires on that day, although it could be done later too).

The census is a vital tool in the development of government policy, programs and services in Canada, and is important for the Ukrainian community in particular. The data collected is critical in our ability to implement bilingual school programs, conduct fundraising, and deliver programs and services that support the needs of our community.

The UCC calls on provincial councils, local branches and member organizations to encourage their membership to fill in, where accurate, as many boxes pertaining to “Ukrainian” as possible – for example – linguistic, self-identification, and origin of parental birth.

For more information on the Census, see

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