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Possible 20 Million Ukrainians Will Migrate If Putin Wins In Ukraine

Feb 21, 2024 | Featured, Politics

Speaker Mike Johnson adjourned the House for two weeks without passage of a Ukraine aid bill. GETTY IMAGES / Forbes

Andy J. Semotiuk

This week marks the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since February 24th, 2022, over six million Ukrainians have fled their country and over 270,000 of them have legally migrated to America. Most international experts agree that even from an immigration point of view alone, the Russian invasion has been a humanitarian nightmare. But based on what is happening in Washington now, that migration was just a prelude to what is coming. That is because last week current Speaker of the House Mike Johnson failed to take up the Ukraine bill in the House of Representatives and instead adjourned the chamber until February 28th. His failure was a new defining moment in the failure of American leadership. As soon as the House returns, budgetary pressures and timing will become the priority as law makers strive to meet early March deadlines for a federal spending cutoff. That will push the topic of Ukraine down the Congressional agenda and eventually out of sight. Some observers believe that is what former President Donald Trump and Mike Johnson really wanted all along. Despite pious declarations of support for Ukraine from President Biden and the ardent reassurances from Vice President Harris in Munich the brakes are on in the House.

The Progression Of Events Is Predictable

Some U.S. leaders, particularly Make America Great Again (MAGA) Republicans, believe that while the war is bad for Ukraine the country is far away from America’s shores and the U.S. has a more urgent priority at home on the southern border. Indeed, recent polls show almost half of Americans think the U.S. is spending too much on Ukraine already. This despite 90 percent of that money being spent in America. After all, their thinking goes, NATO and Europe are still helping, as they should, and Ukraine is using its technological prowess to meet many of the challenges it faces. But anyone familiar with pre-World War II European history, specifically Hitler’s march to war as leader of Nazi Germany will understand what is at stake here. The parallel of Putin’s leadership of Russia now, his actions in Syria, his invasion of Moldova and Georgia, his take-over of Crimea, his 10-year-war in Donbas, and his invasion of the rest of Ukraine in the last two years, explains why leaving Ukraine on its own at this time to fend off the Russian advance is a terrible misjudgment. Over 50 million people died as a result of World War II. What is awaiting us in this current scenario?

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