Tribute to Lydia Lelyk

A memorial to Lydia Lelyk at Trident Banquet Hall on March 8

Dianna Fedun and Patti Latyshko for Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada – Toronto Branch.

Panachyda Service for Lydia Lelyk at St. Demetrius the Great Martyr Church. Photo: Ulana Pidzamecky

Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada-Toronto Branch hosted a 40 Day Panachyda Service after the Divine Liturgy at St. Demetrius the Great Martyr Church on La Rose Ave.

80 UNF family members and friends gathered at the Ukrainian National Hall – 145 Evans Ave., Toronto to continue our Tribute to Lydia Lelyk, a long-time active member but also a past President of our Toronto Branch.

Our current President, Dianna Fedun, welcomed and thanked everyone for attending and helping us to celebrate Lydia’s life. She was a happy person who had a positive attitude to life. She should be remembered in this way and we should live our lives like this too.

Ukrainian National Federation UNF Boyan Ensemble under the Choral Director, Oksana Wasylyk sang Requiem – music by L. Yashchenko. The words to the song didn’t leave too many dry eyes.

When the call came out for sandwiches and baking our members rallied. Two long rectangle tables were not enough to hold all the food.

Tributes were given by Stacey Suessmuth, Slawko Borys, Marika Soroka, Taras Pidzamecky, Zenko Chwaluk and Natalie Obal. Lydia’s history was told through these people. From her time in St. Catharines, to her involvement with our Ukrainian National Youth, Kalyna & Boyan, and especially with UWOC-Toronto and it’s activities. We heard of her many trips with good friends.

Dianna in her closing remarks stated Lydia was a very special and loved person. As one of our past Presidents Dianna would joke with her that she had to remain until she got it right. Unfortunately, her health would not permit her to carry on in any position. It was a pleasure and honour to work with her as part of her Executive. But it wasn’t until becoming President herself, did she realize having a mentor, a supporter and someone who would just listen and not pass judgement when called upon is all that was needed. She thanked Lydia for being there.

Natalie Obal baked the round braided bread that was placed by the Tetrapods. The bread with a lighted candle and fruit placed around the bread is very important in the Christian Faith. The bread is the life, the candle is the light of the world, the roundness of the bread symbolizes eternity and the fruit represents our good works.

Heartfelt gratitude to Nadia Ostapchuk, Natalie Obal, Stacey Suessmuth, Anne Fedun & Ollie Leschuk for their work in organizing the beautiful tribute to Lydia. Heartfelt thanks to Ulana Pidzamecky for providing your photographic talents, the photos captured the essence of the moments. Members and guests left with a lighter heart. They came to say their goodbyes and to share the many happy times with Lydia.

+May Lydia’s Memory Be Eternal