Up to 1% off uculifeline Personal Loans

I would like to share some good news with you. Having listened to our members requests for a break on interest rates, Ukrainian Credit Union Limited is offering a limited time special on personal loans.
This offer will last until September 30, 2014 and covers all types of personal loans including car loans, home renovation loans, education loans, debt consolidation loans, loans for vacations and many more things that you may need. Providing you qualify as a borrower, you can earn up to 1% off on these types of loans while the offer lasts.
You are probably wondering how you can get this discount? It’s quick and simple.
First of all, if you agree to have your paycheck or pension electronically deposited directly into your UCU account, then you will earned your first 0.25% off of the cost of the loan. If your paycheck or pension is already being electronically deposited into your UCU account, then you will automatically qualify for that first 1%.
Then if you choose to take Single Premium Life Insurance on your loan, you will earn another 0.25%. If you opt for Single Premium Disability Insurance you will earn another 0.25% discount.
The final 0.25% discount comes if you opt for Single Premium Critical Illness Insurance.
Together these four discounts add up to 1%. On top of this you will also receive a commemorative UCU 70 year anniversary umbrella (while supplies last).
Please keep in mind though that your interest rate will depend on your credit score as well as your credit history with Ukrainian Credit Union Limited. The better your credit rating, the lower your interest rate will be. Of course the opposite is true too.

Why do I need insurance on my loan?

It’s important to understand that the insurance that I mention in the previous paragraph protects you in case of an accident or an unforeseen illness. Also, the cost of the insurance is only a few dollars on most personal loans which tend to be much smaller than mortgages for instance.
For example, let’s say you borrow $30,000 to renovate your home and then two months later you have a car accident on the way to work. Without the insurance, you continue to be responsible for paying off the debt even if you are temporarily unable to work for a few months because of the accident.
With the insurance, you don’t have to worry about the monthly payments, the insurance company will cover your payments until such time as you are able to return to work.

What are uculifeline Personal Loans?

Ukrainian Credit Union Limited offers a full range of personal loans including lines of credit, car loans, debt consolidation loans and more. If you need money for any of these things, a uculifeline personal loan provides you with the funds to fulfill your plans or dreams.
You have two options to start the process of obtaining a uculifeline personal loan. You can go online and fill out an application on our web site (http://tinyurl.com/mfk5jfa) or visit the nearest UCU branch.
Below are a few more things you should know about uculifeline personal loans:

• Unsecured loans are available up to $50,000 to qualified borrowers

• You can opt for a variable or a fixed interest rate

• You can opt for 1 – 5 year terms on your personal loan

• All loans are fully open for prepayment after 30 days

• You can make convenient automatic payments from your chequing account

For more information please call me, Lesya Babiy, or contact any one of our branches.
We now have 16 branches and other services points across Ontario from Thunder Bay to St. Catharines and from Windsor to Ottawa.
You can also visit our website www.ukrainiancu.com or call our Call Centre for more information at 416-922-2797 or 1-800-461-0777.
Lesya Babiy
Branch Manager
Mississauga Branch
Ukrainian Credit Union Limited
905-272-0468 x201
[email protected]