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Ivan Franko Homes unveils its expansion

Jun 8, 2023 | News, Life, Community, Canada, Featured, Announcements

Bill Petruck presents the expansion of Ivan Franko Homes Photo: Mykola Swarnyk

Mykola Swarnyk
for NP-UN

Ivan Franko Homes has held a preview of their architectural plan for the Centre for Aging and Longevity and Campus of Care. This event was combined with a “meet-and-greet” with the Minister of Long-Term Care, the Honourable Paul Calandra. The event took place in the Mississauga location of the Franko Homes.

The event was organized to share the results of their five-year plan that will expand services for the elderly in the community with the public. There are currently over a hundred people on the waiting list for the care services at the Home.

The planned expansion foresees 160 new beds at the Centre for Aging and Longevity on the Ivan Franko Campus of Care. The Campus will include an updated, retrofitted and modernized assisted living building.

Matt Galvin from G Architects showed the guests the architectural plans. The ground breaking ceremony is planned for August 31, 2023. The fundraising campaign resulted in collecting $15.2 million and assurance from the government for funding in the amount of $12.9 million.

Ivan Franko Homes CEO, Olya Vovnysh, made an introductory speech and asked the Minister of Long-Term of Care, Paul Calandra, to give his opinion about the proposed project. The Minister praised the Ivan Franko Homes team for their successful activities and said that it is easy to give more beds to the home that is already working so successfully. He congratulated the Ukrainian community for such activism and said he is impressed by how quickly this was done. He called the plan of new additions an “absolutely spectacular facility” and assured funding and further support from the government.

Local MPP Sheref Sabawy said, that every time he comes to Franko Homes, he feels as if he belongs to the local community. Development of services for the elderly is good for the community, is good for the people and good for Mississauga.

The beginning of construction is scheduled for August 31, 2023, and is made possible due to hard work of the whole team of government officials, volunteers, representatives of the community and architects.

Matt Galvin from the G Architects stressed that teamwork was crucial for their success. The design team, the construction managers, all levels of government put their efforts together and it led to this exciting result. The new building will exceed the minimum standards for such facilities. There will be a high level of infrastructure and systems designed to prevent and control infection, which due to the pandemic became more important. The project will have special services in the residents’ areas to improve quality of life. There will be increased access to outdoor spaces. Every 16 beds will have access to their own terrace. There will be large, beautifully landscaped, safe and secure outdoor spaces with wind blocking, shade, and a microclimate.

Chair of the Board, George Horhota, explained the role of the Board in the planning process. The initial vision of the project was started five years ago. The previous director Terry Tonkovich was instrumental in developing this vision. Bill Petruck made great efforts in fundraising and to rally the community and secure the primary private funding. Horhota mentioned Sheref Sabawy, who was only a candidate in the 2017 election, and who has visited the Centre and returned at least a dozen times since than.

Ivan Franko Homes expansion working group with honorable guests

George Horhota stated that another future project is planned to start immediately after completion of this one: an Intergenerational Centre on the property, which will include a daycare, classrooms for students, specifically cooking classes, arts and crafts, as well as a swimming pool and recreation center with a museum and exhibition space. The plan is that it will be a cultural hub not only for the Ukrainian community but for the general Mississauga community.

Finally, Taras Pidzamecky, CEO of the Ukrainian Credit Union and Oksana Prociuk-Ciz, President and CEO of the Buduchnist Credit Union assured their full support for any developments in the Ukrainian community.

This article is written under the Local Journalism Initiative agreement

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