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Canada, Poland reaffirm support for Ukraine

May 11, 2023 | Canada, World, Featured, Politics, News

Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak (left) and Canada’s Defence Minister Anita Anand (right) hold a joint news conference after their talks in Ottawa, May 8, 2023. Twitter/Polish Ministry of Defence.

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National Affairs Desk

Canada and Poland reaffirmed their support for Ukraine, during a bilateral meeting between Defence Minister Anita Anand and her Polish counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, in Ottawa, May 8.

During the visit Błaszczak also announced that Poland has already transferred 10 MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine as part of its military support.
According to Błaszczak, Poland is not trying to put pressure on its allies, but only trying to encourage them to help Ukraine defend itself against the aggressor.

Both Canada and Poland have been leaders in providing assistance to Ukraine, with Canada having committed over $1 billion in military aid and over $8 billion in combined military, economic, humanitarian, and other aid. Minister Anand commended Poland’s outstanding support to Ukraine, and both Ministers agreed on the importance of the U.S.-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group as a forum for coordinating donations of military aid to Ukraine.

Minister Anand thanked Deputy Prime Minister Błaszczak for Poland’s collaboration with Canada to provide military assistance to Ukraine. Under Operation UNIFIER, Canada currently has approximately 80 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel deployed to Poland, where they are:

• Training Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) sappers on a range of basic and advanced engineering skills, engineering reconnaissance, the use of explosives for demolition work, and demining;

• Training AFU tank crews on the use of Leopard 2 main battle tanks; and

• Training members of the AFU with the skills needed to save lives in combat situations.

Polish MIG-29s

These ongoing training efforts build on the CAF’s previous deployment to Poland from April to July 2022, when up to 150 CAF members deployed to Poland and worked in reception centres that coordinated the onward movement of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and across Europe. Minister Anand also noted that the Royal Canadian Air Force has transported over 8 million pounds of Ukraine-bound military aid donated by Canada and its Allies, and commended Poland for its collaboration.

Minister Anand lauded Deputy Prime Minister Błaszczak for Poland’s leadership in hosting a Maintenance and Service Centre in partnership with Germany and Ukraine to sustain the Leopard 2 main battle tanks donated to Ukraine.

The two leaders also highlighted the Canada-Poland Defence Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which they signed on October 11, 2022 during Minister Anand’s visit to Poland. The MOU creates new opportunities for Canadian and Polish military and civilian personnel to learn from one another, train together, and enable cross-industry defence collaboration to modernize military technology.

Minister Anand reaffirmed Canada’s ironclad commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Alliance, and highlighted Canada’s continued efforts to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank – notably by leading the multinational enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battle Group in Latvia.

Minister Anand welcomed the significant defence capabilities that Poland contributes to eFP Battle Group Latvia and NATO’s deterrence and defence posture.

Finally, Minister Anand noted her discussions over the past few months with Polish-Canadian community leaders who have shown remarkable dedication and compassion by contributing their time and resources to support Ukrainian arrivals in Canada. Minister Anand commended the leadership shown by the Polish-Canadian community and by the Polish government to support Ukrainians.

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