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Canada will provide protection for refugees

Feb 1, 2022 | Featured

Marco Levytsky, National Affairs Editor.

Canada’s immigration system will always provide protection to those at risk, including through the resettlement of eligible refugees outside Canada, says a spokesperson for the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

“As with any international situation, Canada will support Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents in Ukraine who require immediate assistance in securing a safe passage to Canada

“Canada is able to provide support by facilitating requests for document replacements for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada, as well as process applications quickly to ensure that those who are entitled to come to Canada can do so safely and in a timely manner,” added Media Relations Officer Rémi Larivière in a February 1 e-mail to New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

He was responding to a January 28 email sent Immigration Minister Sean Fraser which asked:

“With the massive buildup of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine, we have to be prepared for the worst which, in this case, would be a full-scale invasion creating the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. Has the government of Canada prepared for this contingency? If so what are the plans?”

In response to the second question, which stated: The Ukrainian Canadian community has already started created committees to work on this contingency. What are the existing programs they could access should the immediate need arise?” he replied:

“The Government of Canada will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine, and we will remain engaged with our partners and allies on future steps. Canada continues to encourage the use of regular immigration pathways such as, family sponsorship, parent and grandparent supervisa and temporary work opportunities.”

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