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Canada Ukraine Foundation appoints new CEO

Feb 8, 2023 | Newpathway, Life, Community


At its January 28, 2023 meeting the Board of Directors of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation appointed Ostap Skrypnyk as Chief Executive Officer. Skrypnyk assumes the role until June of this year. This move became necessary after the Board received a request for a leave of absence from CUF President Orest Sklierenko.

Skrypnyk has served as an Executive Director of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and the UCC – Saskatchewan Provincial Council. Ostap is one of the founders of the Canada-Ukraine Centre Inc., the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, Secretary of the Saskatchewan-Ukraine Advisory Committee, and a Member of the Canada-Ukraine Advisory Council. He is a member of the Board of the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies.

Since 1988, Skrypnyk has been active in promoting economic relations between Canada and Ukraine, the development of civil society in Ukraine, as well as delivering humanitarian aid.
Since 2004, he has participated in numerous international election observation missions in Ukraine.

He is a consultant and researcher working in the not-for-profit sector on government relations and community development.

“I am excited to be able to continue the good work CUF has been doing that was initiated under Orest Sklierenko’s leadership in getting vital humanitarian aid to Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s full scale invasion. CUF has gained the community’s trust and will continue to play an important role in humanitarian relief and in helping Ukraine rebuild,” said Skrypnyk.

The CUF Board of Directors is confident that under his leadership, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation will continue delivering high quality projects in Ukraine and here, in Canada.

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