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Canada sends additional $25M military aid to support Ukraine

Mar 1, 2022 | News, Featured


Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence, have announced that Canada will be sending an additional $25M in military aid to support Ukraine in its efforts to retain sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.

This aid is in response to Ukraine’s direct request to Canada for further protective equipment, and could include items such as helmets, body armour, gas masks and night vision gear.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will support the latest donation of aid announced today by providing two C-130J tactical airlift aircraft and a team of 40-50 personnel to contribute to NATO efforts in Europe for a period of at least two weeks, with continued requirement being reassessed. These aircraft will depart Canada in the coming days. The final destination of CAF aircraft will not be disclosed at this time to ensure the safety of our personnel.

“The Government of Canada continues to condemn the Russian government’s aggressive actions and call on Russia to cease its military actions and withdraw from Ukraine. We will continue to take action to stand with Ukraine as they fight for freedom and the right to choose their own future,” state the Global Affairs release.

“Canada stands united with the Ukrainian people, who have demonstrated immense courage and resolve in the face of tyranny. We are working with our allies to ensure Ukrainian military personnel are properly equipped and together with our partners in Poland, we are working to deliver necessary military materials without delay. We will continue to provide support to the Ukrainian people as they fight to defend their nation and its freedom,” said Joly.

“Canada stands with Ukraine as it meets Putin’s horrifying aggression with strong resistance. At Ukraine’s request and in coordination with NATO allies, we are providing additional non-lethal aid and Canadian Armed Forces airlift to bolster our Ukrainian friends’ ability to defend their right to exist.

“In the hours, days and weeks to come, we will continue to work with partners and allies to respond to Putin’s unwarranted aggression against Ukraine and to defend the rules-based international order,” said Anand.

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