Wow, 321.6 pounds – $836.16 value

Members of UWOC Toronto Katrusia, Anne, Dianna, Patti

Dianna Fedun for New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

UWOC Toronto has typically hosted a Potluck Dinner along with a food drive in the month of October. Not only does this provide a social get together for us along with sampling many delicious food items, exchanging recipes, this event allowed us to give back to those with food insecurities in our community. Once again, restrictions due to the pandemic prevented us from hosting the Potluck but our food drive did go ahead. In the past our food donations were dropped off at the Daily Bread Food Bank. The food was weighed and we went on our way. Our Executive agreed to donate to another agency within our community – HAVEN ON THE QUEENSWAY – HOPE STARTS HERE. Not only do they distribute food to over 450 clients on a weekly basis, they offer other services. These services jive with UWOC Toronto’s Mission Statements. I ask that you go onto their website to view the other services they provide.

I wanted to sincerely thank all of our members, supporters and especially our UNF Kalyna Performing Arts Company for your generous donations.

The following is a thank you from Joshua on behalf of Haven on the Queensway for our Donations.

‘Good evening, Dianna!

I want to thank you again for the generous donation yourself and the ladies from the Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada (Toronto Branch) were able to bring to us on Monday. We are very fortunate to have organizations such as yours be a part of our vision here at Haven on the Queensway. I have documented your donation and have found that your organization donated 321.6 pounds of food, equaling $836.16! On behalf of everyone here at the Haven and our volunteers that had the opportunity to meet you on Monday, thank you, we are so grateful.

Kind Regards,
Joshua Kolenda
Food Bank Coordinator
Haven on the Queensway