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Job Seekers - Achev - Connecting Skilled Newcomers with Employers 2
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Job Seekers - Achev - Connecting Skilled Newcomers with Employers

Welcome to the “New” Pathway

Jul 15, 2014 | Newpathway, Ukrainian National Federation, Featured

Since early this year, the Ukrainian National Federation Board of Directors has been working on a revitalization project for the New Pathway to make sure that we can continue to be Canada’s voice for the Ukrainian-Canadian community. As we return from our summer vacation period we welcome our new Managing Editor, Yuri Bilinsky who has taken over from Lesia Panko as of July 1, 2014. Mr. Bilinsky has been tasked with not only continuing the New Pathway’s award winning coverage of Ukrainian-Canadian issues, but he will also be working with the Board of Directors to develop a new business plan that will see us expanding into other forms of media to make sure we reach the widest audience and deliver the latest news and analysis that is important to you.
You may have noticed a few changes already. Our “masthead”, for example, has been redesigned to reflect 1) the news paper’s close affiliation with the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, and 2) our commitment to reaching a wide Ukrainian-Canadian audience in Print, Online, Television and Radio, each represented by one of the 4 coloured squares in our new logo. We’ve also launched our new website and e-mail address. You can now read the latest news at and you can reach us at [email protected]. Our website will be the biggest change we implement this year, but it will not change our commitment to deliver a printed weekly newspaper to our subscribers, just like we have done for almost 85 years.
During the next 12 months, you will see small changes that we introduce to the paper to make it more effective, and meet the ever changing needs of our community. During this time, we encourage you to provide us with feedback on the changes that we’ve made, or about the changes that you’d like to see made to our publication.
Over the next few issues, we will be posting articles to introduce you to our new staff, our new look and the changes we plan to bring to the paper, so please keep reading because it is you our reader who make the New Pathway what it is.
On behalf of the UNF Board of Directors
Slawko Borys, New Pathway oversight committee.

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