Vote for Markus de Domenico: Ward 2 TCDSB Trustee

Markus de Domenico (left) and his family

Markus de Domenico is running to be elected Ward 2 TCDSB Trustee on October 22. The following are the main points of his platform:

1. TCDSB should rapidly acquire the former high school Scarlett Heights, which has been closed, and turn it into a Central Etobicoke high school. We have massive overcrowding at the Bishop Allen Academy and overcrowding at Michael Power/St. Joseph High School, Father John Redmond school is a long hike for most people down on Kipling, while Don Bosco school is closed. We need a new Catholic high school in central Etobicoke. The Board last year tried to push a proposal to send many of the students to high schools in North York, which is totally unacceptable.

2. We need term limits for trustees – they should only run for two terms. There is way too many people taking this as a part-time job, not willing to get their hands dirty and get involved. We need fresh blood with new ideas to come into the Board. We need to make sure that trustees are very engaged in the community. I’ve been to too many schools where the school principal, believe it or not, has never met the trustee. I’ve been a Catholic parent involved in CSPCs just as a volunteer. Paid trustees should be involved in the schools’ business.

3. The Board had a proposal last year to reduce access to bussing. This is not acceptable.

4. International languages should get sustainable funding and should be integrated into the curriculum with credit. International language instructors should work with the teachers to get accredited. And IL program should be improved so that it’s even better than it is. I would also like to fix the bussing problem at some Catholic primary schools, which appeared after the IL program was shortened to four days a week and the dismissal times changed. After October 22 this issue will be a very high priority on my list.

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