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Ukrainian World Congress holds teacher professional development courses in Ukraine

Oct 1, 2019 | Featured

Bohdan Kolos and Nadia Luciw, Canada-Ukraine Foundation for New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

The Summer Institute of International Educational Coordinating Council (which is a council of Ukrainian World Congress) held its Courses for teacher professional development in Ukraine from July 3-12, 2019. The courses were held in Lviv and in Mukachevo.

Participation included 20 schools from the Lviv district, five schools from the Lviv region, and 17 schools from the Mukachevo-Transcarpathian school district. Each school sent a team of educators that included the principal, vice-principal in charge of student guidance, an elementary teacher, a science teacher, a language and literature teacher, a foreign language teacher, a mathematics teacher, and a school psychologist. In addition to the school-based teams, educational specialists from the Center of Educational Studies in Lviv and from the Mukachevo Council of Education, Youth and Sport attended the courses.

The Institute of Professional Development, based in Toronto, Canada, has been collaborating with the Department of Humanitarian Affairs and the Department of Education of the Lviv City Council for 26 years. In the 2019, the Institute collaborated for the first time with the Mukachevo City Council in the Transcarpathian oblast.

The goal of the collaborative work was to prepare a new generation of teachers with a student-centered approach to teaching that fosters critical thinking and interactive, creative life-long learning.

For the second year in a row the courses focused on the preparation and development of material that facilitates school-based action plans that aim to implement the integration of the grade 5-10 curriculum. This year, the Summer Institute introduced a new course aimed at developing and implementing new teaching methodologies in Mathematics for the grade 5-10 curriculum.

During the first week of the Summer Institute, from July 1-5, 220 teachers and administrators from 25 schools from the Lviv region, in collaboration with their Canadian and Ukrainian colleagues, participated in workshops led by the Canadian and Ukrainian instructors. The main framework of the professional learning included the following principles of the New Ukrainian School: creativity, trust in the teacher and student, engagement and compassion, understanding of the competences needed for development at the high school panel, that is grades 5-10. The final products of these workshops were action-based school plans that focused on resource centres, consolidating future school teams, preparation of new professional development resources for all participants.

In the second week of the Summer Institute, from July 8-12, 17 school-based teams, which included 178 administrators, school psychologists and teachers from Mukachevo, participated in courses conducted by Canadian and Ukrainian educators. These courses focused on innovative learning materials that allowed the teams to develop school-based action plans that ensure the successful implementation of the New Ukrainian School curriculum for grades 5-10.

During the two week Summer Institute the following dignitaries visited and acknowledged the work of the Summer Institute 2019 in Lviv:

  • Mayor of Lviv – Andriy Sadovy
  • Deputy minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – Vadym Karandii
  • Director of the Department of Humanitarian affairs of Lviv – Halina Slichna
  • Director of the Department of Education of Lviv oblast – Lubomyra Mandzij
  • Head of the Department of Education of the Ivano-Frankivsk and of the Halytzkoho region – Lesia Vasiuta
  • Head of the Department of Education of the Lychakivski and Sykhiv region of Lviv – Zoriana Khonko
  • Deputy Director of the Institute for the Modernization of the National Curriculum– Roman Shyyan

In Mukachevo :

  • Mayor of Mukachevo – Andriy Baloha
  • Superintendent of Education, Sports and Youth, Mukachevo city council – Kateryna Kryhsynets
  • Director of the Transcarpathian Institute of post-secondary education – Tetiana Palko.

This year the Ukrainian co-instructors were recognized with certificates of appreciation from the Ministry of Education, and several received “Vidminyk Osvity” medals. Canadian instructors were recognized with a certificate of appreciation from the Director of the Lviv oblast.

All of the Summer Institute instructors and co-instructors 2019 were recognized with a certificate of appreciation from the Mukachevo Transcarpathian Oblast.

Summer Institute Directors:

  • Nadia Luciw – Summer Institute Director, Toronto, Canada
  • Kateryna Horokhovska – Summer Institute Director, Lviv, Ukraine

Principal’s course:

  • Bohdan Kolos – instructor – Canada
  • Lesia Predstavska – co-instructor – Ukraine
  • Pavlo Hnus – co-instructor – Ukraine
  • Tetiana Moskva – co-instructor – Ukraine

Vice-Principal’s course:

  • Christina Yurchuk – instructor – Canada
  • Svitlana Mazur – co-instructor – Ukraine

Elementary panel:

  • Oksana Wynnyckyj-Yusypovych – instructor– Canada
  • Olena Halvitska – co-instructor – Ukraine
  • Lidia Khorshunova – co-instructor – Ukraine
  • Olha Zelinska – co-instructor – Ukraine 2

Ukrainian Language and Literature:

  • Sophia Berezowsky – instructor – Canada
  • Anna Bayovska – co-instructor – Ukraine

School psychologists:

  • Melania Kovaluk – instructor – Canada
  • Iryna Khmil – co-instructor – Ukraine


  • Borislav Bilash II – instructor – Canada
  • Lidia Andrushko – co-instructor – Ukraine
  • Oksana Rosypska – co-instructor – Ukraine

Foreign languages:

  • Iryna Perehinets – instructor – Canada
  • Svitlana Matys – co-instructor – Ukraine
  • Zoriana Kuchma – co-instructor – Ukraine


  • Christine Zeltway – instructor – Canada
  • Maria Badzo – co-instructor – Ukraine
  • Natalia Slotska – co-instructor – Ukraine

The courses were co-sponsored by the Lviv Department of Humanitarian Affairs (Halina Slichna – director) and the Mukachevo Council of Education, Youth and Sport (Kateryna Kryshets – director). Financial support from Canada was provided by the CANADA-UKRAINE FOUNDATION (Victor Hetmanczuk – President) and by BUDUCHNIST CREDIT UNION (Oksana Prociuk-Ciz – CEO). Financial support from Ukraine was provided by the City Councils of Lviv (Andriy Sadovy – Mayor) and Mukachevo (Andriy Baloha – Mayor).

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