Ukrainian Industry Makes Gains in Western Market Despite War

Diamond DA50-JP7. Photo: Diamond Aviation &
Diamond DA50-JP7. Photo: Diamond Aviation &

Last week, an Austrian light aircraft maker Diamond Aviation conducted the first test flight of their new DA50-JP7 light aircraft. The airplane, which comes in a light trainer/private owner variant and a more rugged “tundra” variant, designed for utility & bush flying is powered by a 465 hp (347 kW) AI-450S turbine engine which is built by the Ukrainian aircraft and helicopter engine maker Motor Sich.

This Ukrainian designed and built engine has been specifically made for small, fixed-wing aircraft, and has a reported 20% lower fuel burn rate than similar sized turbine engines, according to the manufacturer.

Despite Russia’s war with Ukraine, Zaporizhia-based Motor Sich continues to develop and produce aircraft engines for the Ukrainian and western market. The company is one of world’s leading aircraft engine manufacturers and produces engines for everything from light aircraft and helicopters up to the largest aircraft in the world, the Ukrainian Antonov 124 and 225 in cooperation with Ukrainian engine design bureau, Ivchenko-Progress.

The Diamond DA50-JP7 is expected to complete certification and be ready for delivery in 2016.