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UCC-APC President honored for assisting displaced Ukrainians

Sep 4, 2023 | Featured, News, Canada

Orysia Boychuk presented with the medal. Photo: Marco Levytsky

NP-UN Western Bureau

Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council President Orysia Boychuk was honored for her work in helping to settle Ukrainians displaced by the genocidal war Russia has inflicted upon Ukraine at Ukrainian Day, August 20.

In accepting the award, Boychuk stated that the award belonged to the community as a whole, without which the assistance would not have been possible.

In presenting the award, Brent Collingwood, Governor of Rotary District 5370, which covers Northern Alberta, part of Saskatchewan, part of British Columbia and part of the Northwest Territories, said Boychuk plays a key role in managing the ongoing crisis of Ukrainians arriving in Alberta.

“Given the lack of structure and support that is available to Ukrainian newcomers fleeing the war under the unique Canada-Ukrainian Emergency Authorization Travel Visa holders, she has taken the leadership to manage, design and coordinate programs which include the survival intensive English language courses both here in Edmonton and in Calgary,” he stated.

“Ms. Boychuk has been instrumental in leading and coordinating three job fairs in Edmonton to support the large influx of Ukrainian newcomers. Job fairs have included more than 30 employers and approximately 1000 newcomers attending each job fair. She has fundraised to help support a warm breakfast for Ukrainian newcomers who are requiring emergency housing at the federal funded hotel. Under her leadership she recognized the need to have a “welcome booth” at the airport to greet the thousands of newcomers arriving weekly and fundraised to support this important initiative. Orysia is actively involved in building partnerships in the community to help support with emergency housing and more long-term housing.

“As a result of Orysia’s leadership and her direct front line work with Ukrainian settlement in Alberta, she is often being called upon to speak and provide input on the global crisis of the war in Ukraine. Ms. Boychuk is recognized internationally, nationally, and provincially. Just recently, she was invited by Prime Minister Trudeau to meet with the President of the European Commission – Ursula von de Leyen, the US Ambassador to Canada – David Cohen to speak on the supports and services the community is offering newcomers in Alberta. She is currently on the Advisory Council on Alberta-Ukraine Relations,” he added.

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