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Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Residence opens a visitor centre

Feb 17, 2021 | Community, Featured

Yuri Bilinsky, New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, in many seniors’ homes across Canada, relatives have resorted to “glass visits” where they could talk to their loved ones by cell phones while standing on the street. At the Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Residence in Scarborough, ON, in addition to weather elements, these kinds of outdoor visits had the added problem of noise from traffic on Milner Ave.

But not anymore, since the Residence opened the new visitor centre in January to allow the relatives to visit the seniors who have been under the lockdown for eleven months now. The centre provides the opportunity to see family members up close, while under temperature and noise control.

The new visitor centre was sponsored by Boris Horodynsky, owner of Horodynsky Farms, one of the largest onion-growing operations in Canada, and a member of the Residence’s Board of Directors.

The new centre used to be a greenhouse and has been renovated to incorporate two rooms. The renovations have been done with safety of both parties in mind: each room has two independent entrances – the visitor entrance is from outside, while the resident entrance is from the inside of the building.

For effective isolation of the seniors, the new centre has the air management system which provides independent heat and air-conditioned air to each room. The inter-room doors have keypad entry systems to open. Once these doors are closed there is no possibility of either physical entry or aerosol movement of a potential virus.

Dennis Levesque, CAO of Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Residence demonstrates the new visitor centre

The rooms have a large glass window for observation, two chairs and the sound system for open discussions where volumes can be adjusted independently. For additional safety, there are UV-C air sanitizers in each room.

Unlike many seniors residences in Ontario, Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Residence has been and remains COVID-free. The Residence’s seniors have already received two shots of the Moderna vaccine.

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