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Saskatoon commemorates Shevchenko

Apr 8, 2020 | Featured

Pat Tymchatyn for New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

On Sunday, March 8, over 300 people from the Saskatoon Ukrainian community gathered to mark the anniversary of Taras Shevchenko. Nadia Kodak, the EmCee, noted that Shevchenko helped forge the Ukrainian identity and was instrumental in developing the modern Ukrainian language.

Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School Grade 7 and 8 students presented a PowerPoint on the Life of Taras Shevchenko. Teacher Stacia Horbay Ugalde guided the students in putting this project together. The Dibrova Ukrainian Folk Ensemble, directed by Stanyslaw Hawryliw sang На Смерть Тараса Шевченка, commemorating the great poet. Their second item was Кокошка, written by Shevchenko.

The audience then had the pleasure of hearing both the junior choir (Kindergarden to grades 4) conducted by Nadia Sliva and the senior choir (grades 5 to 8) conducted by Sonia Kodak. The junior choir sang Учiтеся and Слава, Слава Кoбзаревi. The senior choir sang Поклін Тобі, Тарасе! and Думи Мої. Together, the 100 member group sang Зацвіла в Долині. Nadia Kodak, the EmCee, expressed thanks to the choir directors, the accompanist, Andrea Karnaukh, the teachers, and the parents for their efforts in preserving our culture.

Katya and Leleka dancers

A highlight of the concert was Katya Tokarska singing “Отака я” by Shevchenko while two Leleka Dancers performed. The choreography was by Valentyna Matyushenko. The concert ended with Holosy, a mixed choir, directed by Audrey Bayduza singing two songs with words by Shevchenko, “Тече Вода” and “На базарі.” Holosy also noted the Volodymyr Ivasiuk challenge put forth by the Edmonton Ukrainian community on the 70th anniversary of his birth. Choirs were asked to record their performances of Ivasiuk’s songs and post them to YouTube. Holosy sang “Kапелюx” by Ivasiuk. A reception concluded the afternoon. The concert was organized by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatoon Branch.

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