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Pierre Poilievre elected leader of the Conservative party. UCC outlines main Ukraine-related points for the Opposition

Sep 14, 2022 | News, Featured

Pierre Poilievre Photo: James Park / Bloomberg / Getty

New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

MP for Carleton (Ontario) Pierre Poilievre became the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada on September 10, securing a landslide victory on the first ballot after a seven-month campaign.

Mr. Poilievre received 68.15 per cent of the vote and far outpaced his rival and runner up Jean Charest’s 16.07 per cent of the vote. The newly elected Conservative leader secured support across the country, coming in as members’ first choice in almost every riding.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), which is the umbrella organization for the national, provincial and local Ukrainian Canadian organizations, congratulated the winner.

The UCC’s National President Alexandra Chyczij noted in her statement that the organization “is certain that Mr. Poilievre’s experience and commitment will serve the Opposition, and Canada, well.”

Chyczij said: “I look forward to continuing our productive relationship with the Conservative Party of Canada under Mr. Poilievre’s leadership. At this time when Russia continues to wage a genocidal war of aggression against Ukraine, the UCC applauds the Conservative Party’s strong and principled position in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

The UCC looks forward to working with the Conservative Party of Canada and the Opposition on:

  • Increasing Canada’s military, economic and humanitarian support to Ukraine;
  • Designating Russia a state supporter of terrorism;
  • Expelling the Russian ambassador and diplomatic mission from Canada;
  • Strengthening Canadian sanctions on Russia and implementing a full trade embargo;
  • Supporting Displaced Persons from Ukraine who seek refuge in Canada.

Over the past several months, since the beginning of the massive Russian onslaught on Ukraine in February 2022, the Conservative Party of Canada has been actively critisizing the Canadian government’s actions as related to the war and the assistance to Ukraine. The party’s representatives have urged to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons, especially at the early stages of the war.

Mr. Poilievre has promised, if elected Prime Minister, to develop Canada’s natural resources and the country’s potential to export its natural gas to Europe. Canada’s exports of liquified natural gas could greatly enhance Europe’s ability to help Ukraine by withstanding the Russian political and economic pressure.

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