Optimistic UCU Scholarship Winners Look Towards A Bright Future

The scholarship recipients gather for a group photo with the UCU Board members and management

Daniel Bartchouk, special for New Pathway – Ukrainian News.

Every year, Ukrainian Credit Union Limited awards various scholarships to young members of the community. This year, different awards were given to nine aspiring higher education students. The 2018 UCU Scholarship Awards ceremony was held recently at the UNF Hall Foyer.

The students were each being presented an award that evening, an acclaimed recognition in attaining academic, communal, or personal success. The hall was adorned, wine was poured, and tables were filled with various Eastern-European foods and refreshments.

Members from the UCU Board of Directors were in attendance and preparing to present the recipients an honorary plaque.

The UCU Community Leadership Award was given to recipients Melania Gegar (Rodak), Olha Hnatyshyn, Nadia Lashchuk and Martin Lebed for their above-and-beyond work in their fields of study and selfless contributions to the community. Nadia Lashchuk, a new doctoral (PhD) student in Materials Science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) was overwhelmed at the opportunity she was presented with:

“I have already invested a lot into my education, and I still have a few years left to go. Therefore, any financial support that I obtain means a great deal to me. I would not be where I am today without members of the community assisting me. Unfortunately, university costs a great deal, especially when you have studied for as many years as I have. I am extra thankful to the Ukrainian Credit Union for providing this opportunity to Ukrainians in the diaspora. I have always felt like a large family with Ukrainians here in the GTA, and it is for reasons such as this. From the bottom of my heart, duzhe diakuu.”

The Board Chair’s Scholarship was presented to Violetta Skrypnyk for her above average performance in Ukrainian Studies and the Eugene Roman Scholarship awarded to Luke Daschko for his academic performance leading to a field of study in the technology sector.
The New Pathway Fellowship was given to Daniel Bartchouk for his study in journalism, and Liza Zienchuk received the Wasyl Sytnyk Memorial Scholarship awarded for leadership and exemplary study in the business and finance sectors.

Bartchouk is a student of literature and history at Queen’s University:

“University is expensive when you begin to add up tuition, books, housing, food etc. Any little bit helps, honestly, and I am very grateful for the support in the Ukrainian community. I am very proud to be a member and hope to return the favour some day.”

Liza Zienchuck, in her fifth year of a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Financial Math at Wilfred Laurier University said;

“I feel very honoured that I was chosen as this years recipient for the Wasyl Sytnyk memorial scholarship. Mr. Sytnyk was a hardworking member of our community, which he continuously served throughout his life, setting an example for Ukrainian youth to follow. He will continue to inspire me to be involved and give back to our community, and upon graduation, to continue to look for ways to contribute to the growth and development of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. Thank you to UCU for the opportunity to apply for such a scholarship, and for always supporting youth in their studies. Myself and the other recipients this year will work hard to return this investment tenfold by continuing to be loyal servants in the Ukrainian community.”

The Michael Rebryk Memorial Scholarship was presented to Roman Korol, future student of Theoritical/Computational Chemistry at California Institute of Technology for his academic achievements in theoretical chemistry and chemical physics, volunteer work in We Love UA promoting Ukrainian culture, and numerous awards recognizing academic excellence.

The former U of T graduate expressed his gratitude;

“I am absolutely delighted to have won the scholarship and it will help me focus on my further education. It is awesome to be recognized by the Ukrainian Credit Union and I am extremely happy to be a part of the strong and vibrant Ukrainian community.”

The recipients graciously accepted the awards with firm handshakes and kind words of gratitude, that acknowledge the generosity that has been shown. Their emotion was expressed in the speeches made after; honest and heartfelt projections of the opportunity presented to them with these gifts.

Daniel Bartchouk is this year’s winner of Ukrainian Credit Union Limited’s
New Pathway Journalism Fellowship