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Freedom Heart Ukraine
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One of the Few Official Canadian Voices Openly Calling for Weapons Supply for Ukraine

Mar 17, 2015 | Newpathway, News, Featured

On March 11, MPP Yvan Baker gave the statement on the crisis in Ukraine, where he, in particular, said:

“Today, Ukraine is at war and the situation is dire. Russian-backed forces have occupied part of Eastern Ukraine and continue to advance. The soldiers I met [while Yvan Baker's visit to Ukraine in November 2014 – NP] are fighting against state-of-the-art equipment with outdated weapons, some from World War II.

This conflict touches us all. 14,000 civilians have died, 1 million have been displaced. The invasion is a global threat. It is a violation of international law and order established at such great cost during WWII.

The West’s words, sanctions and supplies have not worked. Efforts at peace have failed.

For months, Ukraine’s president has been asking for defensive weapons so that his nation stands a chance against the larger and more advanced Russian military.

Others such as John McCain and John Boehner have echoed his call and the US Congress has passed authorization for the US to arm Ukraine.

I urge our federal government to act on the Ukrainian Canadian Congress’s Feb. 21st statement which calls for Canada to, and I quote: ‘dramatically increase sectoral sanctions', ‘increase the provision of communications and intelligence capabilities' and ‘provide Ukraine with the defensive weapons, equipment and training it needs to defend its territorial integrity'.

This is important. Not only because Ukraine’s people stands little chance without our help. Not only because there is a humanitarian crisis and civilians need our help. But because the war in Ukraine is a threat to Europe, to global security, to our security and to the values that Canadians hold so dear.”

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