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No Path Home: Katerena’s Story by Halya Furgala

May 12, 2021 | Featured, Arts & Culture

Lorraine Samborsky for NP-UN.

I hope that NP-UN’s readers will be interested to find about this true story, a story that has been repeated many times when Ukrainians and other East Europeans were taken to Germany to work as slaves during WW2.

The author recorded interviews with Katerena (her late mother) and so has included Karterena’s descriptions of her trials and tribulations in her own words.
This book is important to the understanding of the plight of these workers after the war and the difficult situation they were in – “Do I return to my home village and face an unknown future with the Soviets?” or “ Do I face an other unknown future in a foreign country, far from my homeland and perhaps never see my family again?”

The author is able to add to her mother’s words by putting the events in context by using factual information about local and world events.

Currently this book is available in paperback and Kindle edition from There are about 8 reviews of this book on the amazon site.

Here’s a review from Canada: No Path Home: Katerena’s Story is a powerful story told within the context of the history of Eastern Europe before, during and after WW2. This true story is told by Katerena with the help of her daughter, Halya Furgala. The reader is taken on a journey with Katerena while she is growing up in a Ukrainian – Polish village; next, at the age of 15 years she is taken by the Germans to work in Germany during the war. There she endures many trials and tribulations as well as adventures. Despite many setbacks for Katerena, she and her friends remember some good times. I wonder how most of us would have fared as well as Katerena?

A review from the United States: Could not put this book down! Actually I have intentions of reading it again. One feels drawn into the story and life of Katerena, especially when one’s family went through the same thing. People have a tendency of forgetting certain facts and this book brings these facts to light, like finding missing pieces to a puzzle! My mom was from that area and my dad not far. They met at the D P Camp, married and I was born there. This is a must read for those people who are trying to learn and understand what their families went through since many were silent and did not speak of the past. A wonderful book of the human experience during horrific times! Will be reading this book again!

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