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Nestor Sanajko enters federal politics with candidacy in Parkdale – High Park

Sep 8, 2021 | Community, Featured

Born in Toronto and taking his first steps in the heart of Swansea, Nestor Sanajko is taking the next step to try and win the MP seat in Toronto’s Parkdale – High Park riding in the next election. As the Conservative candidate, he hopes that the constituents in the area will give him a chance to provide “a common sense, professional business approach” for the riding and for the country.

Sanajko’s choice as the Conservative candidate for Parkdale – High Park made sense in terms of the riding’s ethnic composition as Canadians of Ukrainian and Polish descent comprise one of the largest language groups there. Sanajko’s mother, Monica, comes from Poland, which she had fled in the late 1970s to come to Canada. A long-time leader in the Ukrainian Canadian community, he is recognizable for many of his potential voters. He has been CYM–Mississauga’s president and a board member of the UNF of Canada Toronto branch.

Sanajko also brings to the table his business savviness, which he has acquired while working in international business development, having consulted to some of the largest multi-national Fortune 500 companies. He is now in metal recycling with Attar Metals, which gives him an environmentally conscious angle which his voters value so much.
Sanajko is also an avid beekeeper, which enhances his environment protection stance: “Bees nowadays suffer from a whole range of pollutants and I will do everything to protect our environment both in the inner cities and in the countryside,” he said.

Besides the environmental issues, Sanajko’s major focus points are helping main street businesses, improving housing affordability and investing in the mental health of Canadians.

Sanajko believes that the struggles of small and medium businesses, which are now having problems finding workers, should be his first priority, at least based on the number of “Help wanted” signs on the streets of Parkdale – High Park. He believes that the current system of job recovery benefits should be reconsidered with greater effectiveness in mind for the businesses to stand on their feet and start growing. The Conservatives plan to restore one million jobs lost during the pandemic by introducing the Rebuild Main Street Business Loan, making interest-free loans available for up to $200,000. They would also introduce the Rebuild Main Street Tax Credit to allow Canadians to personally invest in a small business to then receive a 25% tax credit.

As Parkdale – High Park is among the most unaffordable ridings nationally by real estate prices, Sanajko knows the problem firsthand. He supports his party’s plan to improve housing affordability by building 1 million homes in three years and release 15% of the federally owned buildings, partnering with the private sector and municipalities to bring more rental units to the market.

In mental health, Sanajko emphasizes his party’s Canada Mental Health Action Plan, which would provide funding and transfers for an additional million Canadians to receive mental health treatments and cut waitlists.

Sanajko has long been involved in politics, starting in high school – he was the high school student treasurer; while at the Concordia University, he was president of the Ukrainian Student Union and was involved with SUSK – the national Ukrainian Student Union. He became involved with the Conservative Party when he helped Julian Fantino in his by-election in 2010 and later in the federal election in 2011. Now he has a chance to enter federal politics with his youthful energy and business experience, which he believes will make a difference for the voters in the Parkdale – High Park riding.

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