Letter to the editor: Amazon must stop selling USSR promotional items

Samples of some of the USSR T-shirts available for sale on Amazon

Dear Marco Levytsky,

Thank you for your recent article “Amazon must stop selling USSR promotional items” (New Pathway – Ukrainian News, Issue #17 dated May 14, 2020).

I wanted to let your readers know that this issue is a priority for the national Ukrainian Canadian Congress. While this most recent campaign was developed by the Ukrainian American community, here in Canada we have been working for several years on addressing the most outrageous examples of Soviet branded merchandise.

This has included the Hammer & Sickle vodka in Quebec and Alberta, Bolshevik Bastard beer in Ontario as well as interventions to Walmart Canada, Amazon Canada and SAIL Canada.

There was also a resolution (#19) at the 2019 Triennial Congress of Ukrainian Canadians to recognize our work on this issue and ensure that it continues to be a priority going forward. Working with all UCC member organizations, provincial councils, local branches and our community members we are confident that the Ukrainian Canadian community’s position on this matter is clearly understood by retailers.

Ihor Michalchyshyn
CEO & Executive Director
Ukrainian Canadian Congress