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Dr. Pascal Bastien, President of Sheptytsky Institute Foundation, Ordained to Minor Orders

Jun 13, 2023 | News, Canada, Featured

Bishop Bryan Bayda, ordains Dr. Bastien of the Sheptytsky Institute Foundation

OTTAWA – Saturday, June 3, Bishop Bryan Bayda, Eparch of Toronto and Eastern Canada ordained the president of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Foundation (MASIF) to the first of the Minor Orders. Dr. Pascal Bastien of MASIF has served as president since 2019.

The ordination to candle-bearer and reader took place after Great Vespers, sung by the Sheptytsky Institute Choir and the congregation of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Shrine in Ottawa. Both were led by Dr. Brian Butcher, a fellow of the Sheptytsky Institute, lecturer at McGill University, and theological advisor at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The Shrine’s regular Vespers congregation was augmented by members of the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians and Societies. They were in Ottawa to participate in their Annual Conference. Dr. Lucas Vivas, of the Toronto Catholic Doctors’ Guild, said “We are so pleased to be here for this beautiful service. Pascal has been a key member of the Federation. His work in drawing attention to the harm caused by physician-assisted suicide has been vital. And his devotion to his Eastern Christian liturgical tradition is especially edifying.”

Reader Pascal Bastien, MD, during ordination, with wife Amie at far left

Bastien, a French-Canadian member of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church, chanted the prayers and hymnography of the ordination rite in three languages, English, French and Ukrainian. “Pascal obviously takes his ministry very seriously. He has mastered the tones of our liturgical tradition and sings with true devotion and understanding. We are blessed to have him and his wife and three children here at our parish,” said Fr. Ireneus Prystajecky, OSBM, pastor of the Shrine.

Dr. Bastien presently works as an internist in Ottawa and is former head of division of General Internal Medicine at Toronto’s North York General Hospital, one of Canada’s largest medical facilities. He has been associated with the Sheptytsky Institute since its days at Saint Paul University in Ottawa (1991-2016). In 2017, the Institute relocated to the University of Toronto. “There is no question that the Sheptytsky Institute has had a transformative impact on my walk – its classroom, certainly, but even more so its chapel. This is why it has been a privilege to serve in its foundation,” said Bastien. The MASI Foundation, founded in 1991, exists to raise and manage funds for the exclusive use of the Institute.

Fr. Andriy Chirovsky, the founder and first director of the Institute, who was among Pascal’s professors at Sheptytsky, noted how Bastien exemplifies what the Institute has always striven to achieve: a melding of high intellectual standards with a profound commitment to the Lord and His Church. “Bastien excels in both, and we are so happy to see our students move into ministerial roles in the Church,” said Chirovsky, recently retired from his position as professor.

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