CYMivtsi from around the world gather for annual meetings

The ‘panahyda’ at Stepan Bandera’s grave at the Waldfriedhof Cemetery in Munich

Stefany Stadnyk, Munich, Germany.

October 16th to October 20th, 2019, members of CYM World Executive and ‘Druzhynyky’ from all over the world (including United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ukraine, Germany, Portugal and Spain) gathered in Munich, Germany to have their annual CYM – World Executive meeting and CYM ‘Druzhynyky’ meetings.

During the annual CYM – World Executive meeting, which began October 16th, CYMivtsi, representing 8 countries, had constructive discussions over three days. This included CYM’s plans for the year, upcoming CYM anniversaries as well as different projects that CYM can support. The World Executive also voted on several different motions. By a unanimous vote, CYM Portugal and Spain became official full members of CYM. The passion from each member was very evident as they were welcomed into the CYM family. Also, CYM’s motto (Haslo) for the year 2020 was decided on: “Зродились ми великої години!” “We were born in a great hour!” The motto derives from the song, “Зродились ми великої години”, written by Oles Babiy in 1929, was officially adopted by the leadership of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in 1932. The motto for the year 2021 was also decided on: “Гордо несім нашу славу!”, “We proudly carry our glory”.

The annual world “Druzhyny” meetings commenced upon conclusion of the CYM World Executive annual meeting. Starting October 18th, CYM ‘Druzhynyky’ from 8 countries gathered in Munich (Germany) to kick off their annual meetings. First, was a session held at CYM Germany’s headquarters, where the participants watched a documentary about the origins of CYM. Following the documentary, there was a panel discussion with veteran CYM members ‘druh’ Roman Schuper from Germany, ‘druh’ Bohdan Harhaj from Great Britain and ‘druh’ Pavlo Bandriwsky from the United States, who spoke about the history of CYM, important events and camps as well as the establishment of an education institute. The ‘druhs’ also shared fond memories of their time spent in the organization, dating back to the 1970s. The Chairman of the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization, Stefan Romaniw also addressed the participants by stressing the importance of working in the ranks of CYM to fulfill the organizations’ motto- To serve God and Ukraine.

After the session, CYMivstsi and other members of the Ukrainian community in Munich gathered at the Cathedral of the Protection of the Holy Virgin and St. Andrew the First- Called for a common prayer in memory of the founders of CYM, led by Reverend Bishop Peter (Kryk).

The first night of the ‘Druzynyk’ meeting ended with a social night, filled with traditional Bavarian food, drink and music.

On October 19th, ‘Druzyhynyky’ participated in an excursion around Munich, followed by a commemoration to pay respects and remember Stepan Bandera, given this year marks 60 years since his assassination and 110 years since his birth. CYMivtsi as well as many other members of the Ukrainian community in Munich attended the ‘panahyda’ at Waldfriedhof Cemetery, located in Munich.

Following the commemoration, CYMivtsi were invited back to CYM Germany’s headquarters to enjoy an academic session followed by a concert.

October 20th marked the final day with Sunday mass and goodbyes to all our friends, new and old. Until next time!