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Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing – October 21, 2014

Oct 23, 2014 | Newpathway


21 Oct 2014 






Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing

21 October, 12 PM Kyiv time



1. Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The National Security and Defense Council (RNBO) reported that in the past 24 hours there have been no casualties, and four Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded. In Luhansk oblast and in the south of Donetsk oblast the intensity of shelling decreased yesterday. Terrorist activity was concentrated in the cities of Donetsk and Debaltsevo, as well as in the Popasnyanskiy district of Luhansk oblast. Ukrainian positions were shelled by "Grad" truck-mounted multiple rocket launch systems by Kremlin-backed terrorists near the villages Novotroyitske and Kamyanka in Donetsk oblast. Near Ridkodub, in Shakhtarsk district,  terrorists shelled the Ukrainian military 4 times using artillery, mortars and tanks. All attacks by Kremlin-backed terrorists, including an attack on a checkpoint near Ozeryanovka were repelled. Terrorists suffered losses. Another storm of the Donetsk airport was repelled. The RNBO reported that Russia has not yet removed its troops from the border with Ukraine.


2. President signed Law on inevitability of punishment for certain crimes
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed the Law "On Amendments to the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine on the Inevitability of Punishment for Certain Crimes against National Security and Public Safety, as well as Corruption Offenses". The law ensures a principle of inevitability of punishment when the suspected or accused flees from prosecution and remains abroad. It also increases the efficiency of investigation of certain crimes against national security of Ukraine and public safety, and ensures confiscation of property for committing these crimes. Poroshenko stated, "Starting from tomorrow, our public prosecution, investigative agencies and courts will finally have an opportunity to bring to justice those who robbed our people and make respective steps regarding their property gained in illegal way and regarding the arrest of their bank accounts. They must bear responsibility for the events provoked by them in Ukraine."

3. Ukraine delivers humanitarian aid to Donbas

More than 217 tonnes of humanitarian aid were purchased and delivered to residents of liberated territories, according to the Spokesman of the RNBO Andriy Lysenko. "For the funds, allocated from the state budget, rescuers of the Emergency Service of Ukraine already purchased and delivered to residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions more than 217 tonnes of humanitarian aid," Lysenko said. Yesterday, more than 37 tonnes of humanitarian aid were delivered to Kramatorsk.

4. Putin to attend G20 summit in Brisbane

The Australian media reported yesterday that Vladimir Putin will be invited to the G20 summit in Brisbane later this year despite Australia's strong criticism of Russia's support for Kremlin-backed terrorists in Ukraine suspected of downing flight MH17. Russia has sent its deputy finance minister to the Cairns meeting this weekend, which involves finance ministers and central bank governors from all member countries. Australia had consulted other G20 countries on the question but the world's biggest economies have decided to engage with the Russian President.







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