Celebrating St. Michael Feast Day

Service at the St. Michael’s Long Term Care Centre celebrates St. Michael Feast Day

NP-UN Western Bureau.

November 10 Bishop David Motiuk along with Rev. Mihajlo Planchak led a special service at the St. Michael’s Long Term Care Centre celebrating St. Michael Feast Day.

Joining them were members of the Board of Directors of St. Michael’s Health Group Ed Hladunewich, Chair; Luba Feduschak, Secretary and Stan Kobylko, Director, as well as members of the Knights of Columbus. Leading the full chapel of residents and guests was Cantor Markian Lazurko. Saint Michael is the Archangel known as a protector and turned to for healing, making this namesake day service always special for the residents of St. Michael’s.

On November 21 residents will once again celebrate St. Michael Feast Day by the Julian calendar when Rev. Mykola Sawchenko of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Western Eparchy will lead the service. This will be followed by a special lunch for guests.