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A Modern Morality Play

The crisis in Ukraine, which started some eight months ago with a small protest on Maidan Nezalezhnosty, continues to drag on with little sign of abating. Despite increasing sanctions and much public posturing by Western...

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Actions, Sanctions and Effects

On July 24, 2014 Canada announced further sanctions against Russia. The sanction list included individual members of the so-called ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ and the ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ as mounting evidence showed their...

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Владика Гудзяк: Україна Має Колосальну Місію

Події в Україні, які розвиваються дуже стрімко, вимагають вдумливого аналізу з позиції вічних цінностей. Саме такий аналіз запропонував під час свого інтерв'ю для програми Контакт та Нового Шляху Владика Борис Гудзяк, єпископ...

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Dr. Kalymon: The War is Stalling Reforms

The war in the Donbas is overshadowing all other Ukrainian issues, including the issue of much needed reforms. At the same time, economic and government reforms are equally vital for the survival of the country because without...

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Thu, September 29, 2022

Federal Provincial Child Care

Dedicated Service Channel for Ukraine immigration enquiries

Call 613-321-4243, collect calls accepted.
Use the IRCC crisis web form and add the keyword “Ukraine2022”

Submitting Visa Applications for Ukrainians to come to Canada:

Visa applications can be submitted online from anywhere in the world. Biometrics can be given at any visa application centre (VAC) outside of Ukraine. VACs are open in Moldova, Romania, Austria and Poland, and there is an extensive VAC network across Europe. More information about the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel is also available.


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