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A Ukrainian Hero

Sep 4, 2014 | Ukraine, Featured, Newpathway

In the battle of Slovyansk in June 2014, Serhiy Babskyi, a volunteer soldier, was severely injured by rocket fire. He is from Korosten, Zhytomyr region, and a geologist by profession. He has two children, Oleksandr (aged eight) and Dmytro (aged two) with his wife Oksana.
Prior to the battle, Serhiy, a commander of a group of 80 soldiers, ordered his men to put on their protective vests. Despite this, in the battle that followed, Serhiy and another member of the unit were severely injured.
He sustained injuries to his eye and burns to 40% of his body. First treated at a field hospital in Izium, Serhiy was transferred to Kyiv. Doctors in Kyiv recommended treatment in a hospital specializing in severe burns. Dr. Zhenia Chernyk, President of the Ukrainian Federation of America, arranged for Serhiy’s transfer to the USA. Dr. Maria Trus, an Emergency Room physician in Cleveland, Ohio, arranged for Serhiy’s treatment at MetroHealth Medical Center of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.
On August 15, 2014, Serhiy, accompanied by Dr. Antin Kushnir, the Director of the CUPP's Medical Health Committee, left Kyiv for Cleveland. During the 14-hour trip, Dr. Kushnir provided care to help Serhiy’s pain and keep him stable. Upon arrival in New York, Serhiy was transported by air ambulance to Cleveland. In Cleveland, he was met by Dr. Trus and transported to the Center where he is being treated for his burns and restoration of some measure of eyesight. Serhiy’s wife Oksana will shortly join him in Cleveland.
Ukraine’s soldiers are heartened by the support of the Diaspora. The support given by the Ukrainian Federation of America and the CUPP are the meaningful ties that are vital to Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression.

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